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Jackson Pollock's Stenpgraphic Man (1943) Modern Art
Pollock's Stenographic Man



designer. thinker. consultant.

Richard Bartholomey

I’ve worked on public sector change and transformation programmes for longer than I care to remember and that means my brain is full of stuff and I’ve collected loads of resources. I’ve embarked upon this project to ‘upload’ and back up my brain. And because I believe everyone should have access to tools that will make workplaces a great place to be and organisations entities that do good in the world. 


I’m not offering any new theories – I’m not an academic. I’m going to try and resist becoming a guru – I want you to be your own guru. I am going to give you thoughts and critiques grounded in the real world. 

This is not just another blogging site. My ‘USP’ is that I’ve brushed off latent digital skills to create a dynamic knowledge repository you can search and filter with ease. Looking for something in a particular topic? No problem, you can gather all blogs, resources and records by topic. Want all the toolkits you can download for all the topics? No problem, you can access them all in the downloads. The site should learn and optimise how it presents its content through use of analytics. Oh, and it’s all free (I just highlight some charities I think make the world a better place in case you’re feeling generous).

One filter I have purposefully put on the site is about voice. You can filter for female and/or black voices and I’ll be carefully adding more over time. Why? Management science does not have strong diversity. You hear people refering to the founding fathers of organisation development, not mothers, and representation of minority groups is poor across the board.

It is not that those founding fathers’ thoughts should be ignored. They are some of the men who, in a post-WWII world had the realisation that things have to change if we’re to survive and make the world a better place for generations to come. However, you can make a choice to filter what you’re looking for so that content from diverse voices comes to you more prominently. Why do I think it’s important we hear from diverse voices? Einstein said it best:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

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