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Samaritains  Call 116 123 for free anytime every day or [email protected] (response in 24 hours). You can speak to a someone trained to talk about anything without judgement. For example, bereavement, thoughts of suicide or financial worries. Mind Mind have lots of resources to support you with your own mental
System levels When doing OD&D work, you will want to think about what level of the organisation system you are working with and how they interact with each other. Macro-level In doing any strategy, business model, design work you’ll want to consider both the internal and external factors that
Can you design culture? The folk at Fearless Culture think so. I don’t disagree. But culture is one of the more challenging aspects of an organisation to design and needs to be complimented with organisation development practice and mindset. If practitioners and leaders think that you can start with a
I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenny in preparing a workshop for organisation development practitioners on embodying resilience. Here’s how she explains what she does on her own website: My work centres on training people for leadership in a volatile, complex and ecologically stressed world. I work systemically,
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