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Complexity science

2 May 2022

Update: check out the Crisis Toolkit on HR for Ukraine for helpful tools to help with Organisation Design work, during a time of crisis. I’ve had a range of thoughts and emotions about the current conflict in Ukraine. The most relevant is a feeling of helplessness: what could one individual who works in

19 March 2022

Samaritains  Call 116 123 for free anytime every day or [email protected] (response in 24 hours). You can speak to a someone trained to talk about anything without judgement. For example, bereavement, thoughts of suicide or financial worries. Mind Mind have lots of resources to support you with your own mental

15 January 2022

What is complexity science? It’s an approach to studying systems. [1]Complexity science in brief It’s not one topic but many. It’s a bit of a blend of natural and social sciences (ie mathematics and ecology). Those working with complexity science, understand that systems are, well, complex! And systems and problems
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