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19 March 2022

Frameworks, models and theories are all useful. But what if we get so used to them we start to have unconscious biases? Peter Senge uses the Ladder of Inference to explain how our beliefs impact how we select available data. And what if we determine a problem is unsolvable

16 January 2022

Working in a large and complex organisation of organisations is challenging. I enjoy the challenge most of the time. As an organisation design and development leader I make sure I undertake supervision, do a lot of CPD and spend a lot of time making sure I reflect and take care

19 March 2022

Our community can get a little obsessive about defining these three intrinsically linked practices. Sometimes that’s helpful and sometimes not so much. To our clients, who sometimes struggle to define what they need, a practitioner that understands the whole landscape, their own personal strengths (and weaknesses), and an artfulness

1 February 2022

Discussing ethics and consultancies with a friend (it’s perfectly acceptable for you to decide right now you’re never inviting us to a dinner party), specifically the big names that monopolise the market, we shifted our thinking from believing their only business model was “do work but ensure it leads

15 January 2022

The Hero’s Journey was first articulated by Joseph Campbell. He explored patterns in myths and Jungian psychology. Many others have written about how this concept applies to Marvel films, Starwars, the Lord of the Rings saga (just Google – other search engines available). But does it apply to action

19 March 2021

During the pandemic, childcare responsibilities have dominanty fallen to mothers. And I’ve noticed how often they say sorry and get anxious about their kids interupting them on a video conference. By comparison, when I was facilitating a session the other day, a male participant hand’t muted themselves whilst their

14 March 2021

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19 March 2022

Colleague to me on a walk: “I think we have different approaches. I’ve always found it’s better not to provoke unless I have to and I’ve got what I need by following the paths of least resistance.” She explained to me that I’d put a challenge and proposal to a
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