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2 May 2022

Update: check out the Crisis Toolkit on HR for Ukraine for helpful tools to help with Organisation Design work, during a time of crisis. I’ve had a range of thoughts and emotions about the current conflict in Ukraine. The most relevant is a feeling of helplessness: what could one individual who works in

19 March 2022

Introduction There are multiple design approaches out there. From the Design Council’s double diamond to Deloitte’s more staged approach. So while there’s not a requirement to create a new one, I wanted something that better balanced conceptual design thinking and how in the real (corporate) world, a staged approach is required. I wanted

16 January 2022

Working in a large and complex organisation of organisations is challenging. I enjoy the challenge most of the time. As an organisation design and development leader I make sure I undertake supervision, do a lot of CPD and spend a lot of time making sure I reflect and take care

1 February 2022

Discussing ethics and consultancies with a friend (it’s perfectly acceptable for you to decide right now you’re never inviting us to a dinner party), specifically the big names that monopolise the market, we shifted our thinking from believing their only business model was “do work but ensure it leads

15 January 2022

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenny in preparing a workshop for organisation development practitioners on embodying resilience. Here’s how she explains what she does on her own website: My work centres on training people for leadership in a volatile, complex and ecologically stressed world. I work systemically,
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