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Organisation design and HR during the Ukraine crisis

We love Ukraine, Peace to the World, All united for Ukraine, Slava Ukraini, Stop The War

Update: check out the Crisis Toolkit on HR for Ukraine for helpful tools to help with Organisation Design work, during a time of crisis.

I’ve had a range of thoughts and emotions about the current conflict in Ukraine. The most relevant is a feeling of helplessness: what could one individual who works in HR and OD&D possibly do to help? I worked out that sitting watching the news feeling sadness and sorrow is not helpful (although I keep doing so to stay informed, limiting that to every other day because that works for my resilience). I’ve donated to some charities including the DEC. And I’ve researched and found others on the same path have set up HR for Ukraine which provides lots of ideas and resources on what people like me can do to help.

It’s helped me identify that there are lots of things I can do to help:

  • As a Mental Health First Aider I can listen and help people to navigate to professional help they might need.
  • I can use my coaching and consulting qualification to offer free support to anyone who might need life and career coaching because of changes in their circumstances. As a seasoned HR practitioner, I can support people develop their CVs/job applications and prepare for interviews.
  • As an organisation design and development person, I can offer free advice and consultancy to non-profits, charities and small businesses affected by the current world circumstances.
  • I can pull together resources and tools useful for organisations affected by the current world circumstances (as I’ve done below).

As well as the people of Ukraine, there conflict has created a shock to the whole global system. Charities are having to divert their efforts, supply chains have been disrupted and employees of organisations operating in the areas of conflict may no longer have roles – to name a few consequences. It’s not too different to the impact of the Covid crisis in many ways.

As well as some of the tools and resources below, this framework[1]Framework from Ian Burbridge, RSA April 2020 Adapted by Naomi Stanford may help organisations and individuals make sense of the change and how they need to respond.



Potentially useful tools

Mental health support
Disasters Emergency Commitee (DEC)
HR for Ukraine
Organsation design tools
organisation design methodology
Assessing organisation design
The problem using the same framework
A leaders framework for decision making
Defining organisation design, deveopment and change
Neuroscience and the SCARF Model


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