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Organsation design tools

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See an overview of the design methodology

Below you’ll find an overview of a suggested step-by-step activities for an organisation design project, together with links to tools to assst you with each step.

Enter and contract

  • Clarify mission and purpose
  • Identify client, sponsor and existing governance
  • Support develop a case for change
  • Assess leadership commitment
  • Contractual agreement
  • Business case for change/new design
  • Initial governance documented


  • Conduct internal and external scan (understand context)
  • Assess current organisation
  • Start stakeholder engagement and risk management
  • Identify sponsorship and leadership involvement
  • Start building the case for new design
  • Plan on a page
  • Success criteria
  • Business case
  • Assessment report


  • Determine governance and team(s)
  • Develop design principles
  • Map ‘as is’ organisation
  • Develop design options
  • Refine and test options
  • Define links and synergies with people, culture, values (‘as is’ and ‘needs to be’)
  • Evaluate and decide design
  • Design principles signed-off
  • 3 high-level design options
  • Pro and con analysis of design options


  • Set up planning teams – bring in change managers or move to change manager mode
  • Agree governance
  • Develop detailed design
  • Develop transition plan
  • Get transition resources
  • Engage and communicate with stakeholders
  • Project plan
  • Project readiness assessment
  • Performance scorecard
  • Stakeholder engagement and communications plan


  • Maintain leadership support
  • Lead, engage, communicate.
  • Manage transition activities
  • Keep engagement with change
  • Be prepared to adapt!
  • Project progress reports
  • Learning and development
  • Adaptations that still meet the design principles

Reflect and optimise

  • Assess impact of the new design
  • Conduct a retrospective
  • Self-evaluation
  • Surface immediate issues
  • Revisit any of the stages and steps and iterate
  • Close the project
  • Plan next steps to monitor and optimise
  • Evaluation report
  • Optimisation plan detailing corrections and next steps
  • Snagging list/corrections needed

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Organsation design tools

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