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Helping kids name, define and articulate complexity

A chalkboard in a classroom saying I can't believe it

I’m a fan of the HSD Institute’s Interdependent Pairs resource[1]HSD Institute – Interdependent Pairs Resource. And as Bary Johnson has said “there is truth and wisdom on more than one side of an issue; each side is incomplete without the wisdom and input of the other.”[2]Polarities Thinking Framework – Jane Kise

Our brains are, to some degree, designed to simplify the world and that often can lead to taking a binary view. Examples: right and wrong, left wing or right wing, whether centralised or decentralised organisation design’s are best.

What Rob has written is wonderful. He’s managed to both (i) articulate how we need to be more advanced in our critical thinking and embrace the complexity, and (ii) use some simple interdependent pairs to teach kids how to do this, as a vital tool for them to take forward in life.


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